Best Practices for Home Safety Optimization during the COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond

Whether you live in a townhouse in Rockville, a single-family home in Potomac, or an apartment in Bethesda, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has urged us all to stay at home (with noted exceptions).  If you are one of the 140 million Americans who have been instructed to stay at home, you have three concerns:

  1.  Doing everything in your power to keep the virus far away from home, or alternatively, optimizing the air quality in your home for proper and rapid recovery.
  2.  Not losing your shirt in the process.
  3.  Making your home as comfortable as possible in the interim (after all, you may be there for many more hours a day than you originally envisioned)


To ensure the highest quality air and ventilation, checking and changing your air filter regularly is critical.  Aside from threatening the proper functioning of your system, a clogged air filter will not allow for proper ventilation, a crucial element in keeping your family breathing easy.


Consider purchasing a UV light for your HVAC system (usually about $200-$400 depending upon your system). UV lights improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by reducing bacteria, viruses and mold that either grow or pass through the air handling systems.  UV lights prevent fungus from growing on the AC’s indoor coil, which tends to be wet for several months a year. UV lights can also reduce HVAC energy costs by restoring heat transfer and net cooling capacity.

Check Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Pipe Connections

Keep your family safe by ensuring that all carbon monoxide detectors are properly installed and operational and that your pipe connections are not leaking gas or other harmful air particles.  For further guidance, please see: