Air Conditioning Maintenance Service in MD

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We wait a long time for summer to arrive in Maryland.  You want to fully enjoy every minute of it.  Wasting time and money on a sudden problem with your air conditioner isn’t anybody’s idea of fun.  With a simple and convenient maintenance plan from AMS Air Conditioning, our licensed technicians optimize all essential components, making sure your cooling system is ready to handle the heat and humidity.  Not only will you spend less for superior comfort, we’ll make sure that service is handled quickly, with minimized disruption to your home.  We don’t leave behind mess or damage, don’t keep you waiting for us to arrive, and always see to the important details that increase the return from your investment.  By holding ourselves to higher standards, AMS Air Conditioning provides skilled service to keep home and business owners perfectly cool.

A/C Service You Can Trust!

As a Factory Authorized Dealer, AMS Air Conditioning adheres to maintenance procedures that are industry recommended and proven effective. Meticulous cleaning, adjustment, and inspection catches and corrects problems before they develop into aggravating repairs, property damage or a threat to indoor air quality.  We fulfill warranty stipulations, minimize operational sound levels, and restore maximum energy efficiency.  By maintaining your cooling equipment in peak condition, AMS Air Conditioning extends your system’s lifespan and saves you money every month. Bringing quality and integrity to every job since 1995, AMS Air ConditioningMaintenance services all makes and models, providing lasting and ideal temperature control to our home and commercial customers across Rockville, MD, Potomac, MD, Silver Spring, MD, Bethesda, MD, Germantown, MD, Washington, DC.

Stay Cool with Regular Air Conditioning Service!

Some of the many benefits of a proactive service plan from AMS Air Conditioning include:

  • Lower cost of operation throughout the hot, humid summer
  • Peak efficiency for cost and energy savings
  • Extended system life, adding up to greater overall value
  • Prevention of the majority of repairs and superior reliability
  • System checks to protect against moisture damage
  • Minimized sound levels
  • Healthier air quality
  • Enhanced cooling capacity for superior comfort
  • Transferable agreement adds value to your home
  • Discount on repair service
  • Emergency Service

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