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One way to ensure that your home is always the right temperature for optimum comfort and energy savings is through the installation of a WiFi (wireless) thermostat. Contact AMS Air Conditioning & Heating, and we’ll provide the ability to control all aspects of your indoor climate from anywhere that offers an Internet connection.  Not only can a WiFi thermostat be accessed with a remote control from any room, but it can also be adjusted from your smartphone or computer.

Wifi Thermostats for Luxury & Convenience

Some of the many benefits of installation of a WiFi thermostat include:

  • No need to physically access the thermostat
  • Raise or lower temperature settings, hours or days prior to your arrival home
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Ensures that all components of HVAC system properly communicate
  • Display of outdoor weather conditions, including temperature and humidity
  • Remain current with the status of your HVAC system, including maintenance reminders and filter change alerts
  • Manage temperature, humidity, ventilation, airflow, and indoor air quality of multiple zones
  • Orchestrate a dual fuel system
  • Touchscreen settings
  • User-friendly operation
  • Energy tracking allows greater energy and cost savings
  • Customize your indoor climate to your busy lifestyle

Trustworthy WiFi Thermostat Service & Installation

As Authorized Dealers for many brands, AMS Air Conditioning & Heating, offers a rewarding selection of award-winning products that allow easier, more effective and efficient management of your home.  Our licensed technicians are exclusively trained and have the specialized tools to properly recommend and install the right solution for your expectations and demands.  For more information or assistance in Maryland and Washington, DC, contact AMS Air Conditioning & Heating at (240) 899-5777.

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