One of the top 3 complaints we hear from our clients in Rockville and Silver Spring is: “Why is my daughter’s bedroom freezing while my room down the hall feels like I am living inside a furnace? Isn’t there any way to even out the temperatures around my home?”

Now, what if we told you that there IS a solution, and that it would also bring you greater energy efficiency, consistency, and occupy less space?

“What is this NEW invention?”

Actually, it’s not new at all. Invented in 1982 by a European company called Daikin

Industries, Ltd., it has been extremely popular throughout Europe, Japan and China.

It is called a VRF HVAC system. VRF is variable refrigerant flow, the ability of a system to individually control the amount of refrigerant flowing to each of several smaller air handlers instead of one large, louder unit pumping air into the entire space. In other words, every room gets exactly the heating or cooling it needs, no more and no less.


VRF allows commercial spaces to heat and cool SIMULTANEOUSLY!! How could that be possible? After all, usually our thermostats are set to either trigger the heating OR the cooling depending on the temperature outside. A VRF HVAC system utilizes residual heat absorbed from the air during the cooling process and efficiently channels it directly to the rooms that need heat.


VRF systems may also save you wall and ceiling space, as they often don’t require ductwork and the air handlers are smaller than those of the average system. Those of you in Potomac and Bethesda can keep those beautiful high ceilings without sacrificing wall space.


Given that VRF systems operate only when needed and utilize a partial load, their parts suffer less wear and tear. The multiple handlers allow your home to be heated or air conditioned even when you have one handler that encounters issues.


VRF outdoor units utilize multiple inverter-driven compressors, which bolster efficiency and comfort. Inverters boast the added benefit of reducing compressor failure and eliminating on/off power surges.