Carrier Inverter System

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all out of the frigid cold of this past winter into the warmth of spring and summer.

Welcome to one of the quietest, most environment-friendly systems I have ever come across in my HVAC career.


I recently installed a Carrier Inverter system and was utterly amazed at how quiet it was.  The Carrier Inverter boasts a decibel level of 50, which is equivalent to the sound of a refrigerator, low radio or gentle breeze.

But the benefits go so much further, especially for those consumers looking to save money in electricity costs or pursuing the most environmentally sound options.

Carrier air-conditioners, in general, run from 16-19 SEER.  This means that they qualify for PEPCO TIER 1 & TIER 2 rebates ($500-$1,000) here in Maryland and are ENERGY STAR-qualified. (AMS is proud to be a participating contractor in PEPCO’s HVAC Rebate program and we are more than happy to secure these rebates on our customers’ behalf.

The Carrier Inverter has up to a 19 SEER (SEER, as we have explained in prior blogs is the efficiency ratio – the higher the number, the higher the efficiency of the system.)  It also features remotely controlled thermostats.  This allows you to control your air conditioner from your smartphone, turning it off when no one is home or preparing your home to be cool upon your arrival by turning it on 15 minutes before you get home.

Finally, the internal system is so well-coordinated that the indoor unit communicates temperature data to the inverter’s printed circuit board, which in turn, efficiently controls the fan motor & compressor.