Benefits of Energy Efficient Furnaces

Furnaces are of the utmost importance on cold days. In fact, it is common for a furnace to be running non-stop for multiple days during the freezing winter months. If you have a low-efficiency furnace and if you are keeping your furnace on for this long to achieve that warm, cozy feeling, chances are, you are spending way too much to do so. Low-efficiency furnaces require much more energy than needed to heat up homes because they guzzle up more fuel, which results in more overall spending and a lot more headaches.

Despite the fact that low-efficiency furnaces can still execute the job properly, as time goes on, efficiency decreases even more. The result is more money loss as well as worse performance. If efficiency and performance do start to decrease, your best bet is to start looking for a new furnace. High-efficiency furnaces are the best option for replacement as they perform optimally as well as have an ideal operational cost.

General Info

A furnace’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is the measure of how much heat actually goes into a home compared to the amount of fuel wasted. Essentially, if a furnace has 85% efficiency, 85% of the heat is delivered into the home and 15% is wasted. A furnace is “highly efficient” if it is at least 92% efficient



High-efficiency furnaces cost more upfront; however, due to their decreased energy consumption, they easily pay themselves off within a few years. Investment in sealing your home might also be beneficial; when sealed, your home will be able trap heat in a more effective manner, saving even more money.

Quiet Performance

Newer furnaces perform with a lot less noise in comparison with older furnaces. In addition, high-efficiency furnaces have sound absorbing materials that further reduce noise.


The variable speed motors within highly efficient furnaces create consistent airflow throughout your home. It might also be a good idea to invest in a filtration system; they are able to filter out dust, mold, etc. in order to keep the airflow clean and safe.

Dependable Warranty

Warranty can help you pay for repair or replacement of broken parts. Warranty type depends on the dealer and manufacturer, but high-efficiency furnaces normally have higher warranty periods than basic furnaces.

Your Hero

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